Sunday, July 27, 2008

Video & more photos from the Dollhouse panel

With tremendous thanks to withaterrace, here is some video from the Dollhouse panel, as well as a few more photos. She also covered the Battlestar panel that followed, so be sure to check out her excellent multimedia-filled recap.

Here is video of Joss and Tahmoh discussing when he was cast on Dollhouse:

Here's a hilarious clip about Tahmoh's first day on set:

withaterrace also shared this anecdote:
A fan asked "[Insert Serious Question about Writing for Joss Here] and does Eliza's spine glow?" Everyone died, since the Battlestar panel was right after Dollhouse. Tahmoh and Joss cracked up and Eliza didn't get it, because she'd never seen BSG. Tahmoh said "I wouldn't know!" Joss couldn't answer his question for the longest time because "[he] just keeps thinking about Eliza's spine glowing." Tahmoh finally whispered what it meant in Eliza's ear and she made this :o face and it was priceless.

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