Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday’s Battlestar Galactica panel at Dragon Con

Thanks to nnaylime you can watch a long clip from Friday's Battlestar panel at Dragon Con last weekend on YouTube.

Tons of people have posted fabulous photos from the panel, which featured James Callis, Richard Hatch, Kevin R. Grazier, Aaron Douglas, Tahmoh Penikett, Edward James Olmos, and Michael Hogan. (The shot above of the whole panel is by carencey.)

Here is just a small selection of photos of Tahmoh. These two are by sarahkurosawa.

Click to make the photos larger and be sure to follow the photographer links to see more from these star-studded panels!

Krysta has some fantastic shots over at Staring at the Sky:

Here are four more great shots by ruthkit:

Thanks to everyone for sharing!

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