Thursday, October 02, 2008

New photo of Tahmoh as Paul Ballard on Dollhouse

FOX has finally released hi-res promotional photos of all the characters on their upcoming Winter drama, Dollhouse. Here's the one of Tahmoh. See the rest of new cast shots here.

In other news, for what it's worth, Tahmoh apparently beat out Michael Muhney for the role in Dollhouse. Muhney talks about the audition process over on his blog, including this praise for Tahmoh:

I got a geeky moment (and thought, Holy Frak!) when I saw who I was testing against, as I have only a few favorite shows and he is on one of them. I feel like Joss made a very strong choice with Tahmoh and I'm excited to see the show this January.

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  1. FRAK! Wish I had this photo a few weeks ago at DragonCon.