Monday, October 27, 2008

New update from Joss Whedon about Dollhouse

While we've been in a bit of a news drought up til now, Dollhouse creator Joss Whedon offered fans an update on the show's progress in advance of its January debut on FOX.

The show is really coming together now, in a way that I believe excites us and satisfies the Network. Of course, I have no idea if anybody else will like it, but I have the same faith in the staff, the crew and the remarkable cast that I always did. More, in fact. And what's more crucial:

Nothing essential has changed about the universe. The ideas and relationships that intrigued me from the start are all there (though some have shifted, more on that), and the progression of the first thirteen eps has me massively excited....

As for what's been changed, well, some things I obviously can't tell you. Some I can, for the record: The original pilot was in fact thrown out. Again, at my behest. Once it became clear what paradigm the Network was shooting for, it just didn't fit at all, even after I'd reshot more than half of it.
Which means I guess we won't be seeing the full version of this scene between Tahmoh's Paul and Eliza's Echo until the DVD comes out (if even then!).

Most importantly for this site, Tahmoh's character Paul Ballard has apparently gained a wistful love interest played by Miracle Laurie.
Happily, Miracle Laurie is still with us in a new role, playing against (and pining for) Tahmoh's character, Paul Ballard. Their chemistry is deeply nifty.
It's unclear if she's a colleague at the FBI or a civilian of some sort, but here's a photo:

Read Joss's full post.

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