Thursday, December 03, 2009

Back to Back Dollhouse Tomorrow and Tahmoh Answers More Fan Questions

Dollhouse returns tomorrow for back to back episodes beginning at 8:00 pm Eastern. Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune has posted the transcript of her recent interview with Joss Whedon. She included some preview clips for tomorrow night's episodes, the second of which features Tahmoh as Paul Ballard.

Tahmoh has once again taken the time to respond to some of the questions readers have posted for him. This time he tells us more about SyFy's Riverworld, hitting the slopes in Whistler, BC, what music he listens to while on set, and his goals for the future.

Thanks to rebelliousrose for the screen cap.

Do you know when next year Riverworld will premiere? Can you tell
us anything about filming? What was most exciting about the role?

"I'm not sure when it's going to air but I'm hoping it's early in the new year. Shooting Riverworld was such a great experience. I was really hoping to book something in Vancouver as I'd been shooting for most of the year in LA, and Vancouver is so beautiful in the spring. We shot for about two months, starting in early April 2009. The locations were in and around Vancouver in some of the most stunning, picturesque areas. The director, cast and I hit it off, and it was obvious early on that everyone was really invested in doing their part in making this project the best it could be.

When I first read the script, I knew that playing the character of Matt Ellman would be challenging, but I was really excited about it. Matt Ellman is a war correspondent who lives life on the edge, and when he meets the girl he loves he wasted no time in asking her to marry him. Unfortunately they're the victims of a suicide bombing right after he asks her. I saw so much opportunity for his back story, and I spent hours writing about it. I shared a lot of my ideas with Stuart Gillard, the director, and he and I were on the same page. One thing I've never appreciated is when you see the lead character in a story who shouldn't have any weapons or fighting experience suddenly turn into Jackie Chan. I expressed this concern to Stuart as there's a number a epic fight scenes in Riverworld and that we should explain Matt's proficiency at fighting by writing in a scene where I was shadow boxing early on so it's obvious he knows what he's doing. In my back story Matt's father had served in Vietnam and, while on leave, spent some time in Thailand and fell in love with Muay Thai. When Matt was old enough [his father] passed this passion on to Matt, and he studied it from a young age.

The pace of the shoot was awesome and there was little time to rest. Shooting outdoors with the incredible clean air and stunning views helped a lot, and many of us were often speechless at how beautiful the locations were. I absolutely loved the cast and really connected with many of them. The fight scenes were so much fun but also challenging as I had a some serious pain plaguing me from a shoulder injury. All in all though, my Riverworld experience was one a tremendous one."

Given that the Olympics are just around the corner and so is ski
season, a question about Whistler, but this time about snowboarding! I
visited Whistler-Blackcomb first time last year and loved it. What are
your favorite runs and any recommendations on things to try for my
next visit? Many thanks.

"I'm a huge fan of Whistler and how can you not be. There's so many incredible runs but, to name a few, definitely the back side of Peak Chair, Harmony and Symphony bowls especially when there's been a big powder dump. Khybers is amazing for clean lines through the trees, but also for people who really know what they're doing and know the mountain. You could easily get lost there though which would be very dangerous situation to be in. I highly suggest reading up on the mountain, and you'll get a good sense of where and what you should be hitting for your level. Fact is, it's a huge mountain, and now with the Peak to Peak chair you can go between Blackcomb and Whistler within minutes. Best advice is to get up early for fresh tracks and get some untouched clean lines first thing in the morning."

What songs are on your iPod? Do you have a favorite kind of music
to listen to while on set?
"I love so many different types of music. I'm a big fan of electronica,as a lot of very good friends of mine are exceptional producers in this genre. Music like that is high energy for me and something I usually listen to when I'm working out or driving, depending on my mood. I often use music when preparing for a scene, and it's amazing how quickly a song can bring about a strong emotional feeling. I listen to the appropriate type of music to prepare me for a scene. Whether that be classical, hip hop, rock or alternative. I'm really enjoying the latest Jay Z album and also Cage the Elephant's new album."
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Also, what is your biggest
personal goal?

"That's a tough one to answer. Career wise, I hope that I'm still working on projects that I'm excited and challenged by. That I'm still working with extremely talented and good people. I also hope by then that I've had the opportunity to direct and produce some of my own projects."

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