Friday, November 27, 2009

Tahmoh at Tricia Helfer's Maxim Cover Party

Tahmoh joined James Callis at Tricia Helfer's Maxim Cover Party to celebrate the November 2009 issue featuring their Battlestar cast members Tricia and Grace Park. Michelle at Battlestar_Blog posted lots of pictures of the event, including some potentially NSFW views of the cover.

Driven Magazine interviewed Tahmoh and other BSG cast members about The Plan and the end of BSG.

Driven Magazine: How did the end feel for you?

“It was emotional, man. It was emotional but it was good. It was amazing. I’m truly blessed to have been in an incredible show like that for five years. It was a life-changing experience but it was kind of funny because we had this romantic idea that the end was going to be so epic but the fact is, we were trying to cram in so much to get it done in the end. So we shot it really out of order, we’d gone longer days than we should but it ended. It’s done now. I’m just happy to have had that experience.

As most readers know by now Dollhouse has been cancelled (see Maureen Ryan's story). But we hear that the final episodes are going to be awesome! We're all looking forward to what's in store for Agent Ballard in these last few eps...

Tahmoh gave Kristina Lopez of Fancast a few hints of what we can expect for Paul Ballard in upcoming episodes of Dollhouse. Note that some of the information is a bit spoilery, and that the interview precedes the Dollhouse's cancellation .

Tahmoh also told Lopez that he was thinking of going as a muppet for Halloween... Any guesses on which one it was?
“I haven’t decided on my costume yet but it’s a big, big holiday. It’s one of my favorite holidays,” says ‘Dollhouse’ star Tahmoh Penikett. “I was thinking about going as one of the Muppets. I don’t want to give it away right now, but I’m thinking one of the band members. It’s not Animal. A group of friends who are going to go and everybody’s going to take a character. We’re still working it out.”

Finally, the TV Addict asked Tahmoh a few questions about Dollhouse, BSG, and joining the Whedonverse.

Stay tuned for another for another Q&A with Tahmoh; he answers our questions about SyFy's Riverworld, hitting the slopes in Whistler, BC, what music he listens to while on set, and his goals for the future.


  1. Hi there! I so wanna see that halloween costume! Pleazzzzz?

  2. Tahmoh is always so humble in his interviews! Its really great to see a celebrity with that trait. But at the same time, he is very fashionable. He can wear the simplest outfit, and still have a strong sense of style associated with it. I can't wait to see Riverworld too! I absolutely love the series, and its great that Tahmoh has a new tv project to showcase in lieu of the Dollhouse cancellation.

  3. Hey thanks for linking to my articles. Glad you enjoyed them.