Thursday, March 18, 2010

Favorite Tahmoh Moments

Although fans in Uruguay (and a few other places) have already been treated to Riverworld, the miniseries doesn't premiere until April 18 in the US. While we wait for Riverworld, The Hostage, and other breaking Tahmoh news, we thought it might be fun to share our favorite Tahmoh moments - a scene, interview, photo, screen cap, con appearance, etc. Leave us a comment and tell us which is your favorite and why. We will be screening comments, so keep them in good taste please!

Some green in honor of yesterday's St. Patrick's Day celebration!

Photo courtesy of Darthraving, taken in February 2007.


  1. my favorite Tahmoh moment would be his appearance at the Galactica Three convention
    for photos, I love the one of him and Katee behind the scenes both with their sunglasses on, looking badass... in shorts lol

  2. You can see the photo Merry likes here:

  3. Fav moments: his guest-starring stint on Whistler and this interview.

  4. I love to see the less threatening, goofy side of actors so it was a real treat to see Tahmoh Penikett and Grace Park do a little dance for Hypa Space:

    Enjoy a smile with me!

  5. Being stuck in an elevator at DragonCon with Tahmoh and Aaron Douglas and having no idea who the two big guys in the back taking up all the room were- now I know!

  6. All I know of Tahmoh are what I have read, the performances I have seen, and the stories of others.

    I have images of Tahmoh & Katee at a Q & A where he is making her smile very brightly. I have seen other images off stage where he is certainly the preferred hugger in the room.

    My personal favorite moment with Tahmoh comes through a third party. Last year at the Emerald City ComiCon (Seattle, WA USA) my friends, who are vendors, got him to autograph a picture for my birthday while they regaled him with antics of our BSG group.

    My take on Tahmoh is that he is genuine, down to earth, grounded, and quite real. What you see is what you get. Loving of his family & his country, caring of his fans, and respectful of all his co-stars.

    I look forward to the next project, but please, no more horror. :)

  7. I loved the scenes from BSG when Sharon and Helo were on Caprica together. The way Helo was protecting her, the way they bonded, only for him to find out she's a cylon and eventually accept that and his unborn child despite everything that had happened really made me love that character.

    The devotion Ballard showed to Echo, even before he had met her, was a bit strange to me. b=But when he finally met her, and was able to actually understand everything that was going on, his devotion truly became love, and I saw parallels between this character and Helo. That is how I came to appreciate Paul Ballard as a person, a caring person. My favorite scene involving Ballard was when he and Echo were in Texas together. It showed how much they had grown together, and how real his love for her was.

    I may not know much about the actor that portrayed these characters, but the interviews help shed some light on the mysterious stranger. I liked the interview that he did with Shannon Nelson for People Uncut. It had the most information about him I have seen, and he was very charming and sincere during it. I think those attributes carry on into some of his characters.

  8. I have way too many favorite Tahmoh moments! I swear he can convey more with a few rapid blinks or a flash of perfectly timed stillness than most actors manage with over the top emoting.

    Helo is my favorite. Tahmoh creates a character with a moral compass that always points true north and the absolute inability to do anything but the right thing even when those he most respects and loves like Adama and Athena don’t share his conviction. And he does it with never a hint of whine or self-righteousness. After the Boomer seduction, Helo just stands there and absorbs Athena’s pain and blows with no excuses. What he did was totally understandable—an exact copy physically and with his wife’s memories and the intensity of the act to distract. But it was also not truly forgivable because there has to be that belief that somehow impossibly he should have sensed it wasn’t his “8.” That lack of defense was a stunning choice and a brave acceptance of pain unwillingly caused.

    As Paul, my favorite Dollhouse episode is where that sex scene with Mellie is juxtaposed with the shower scene where Paul is so disgusted with himself for becoming a "client." And then he trades himself for her freedom. Cue melting.

    The Whistler performance is remarkable and more so given its context in a nighttime soap that basically seems to exist to rush all the characters into bed one after the other. Tahmoh brought Elias to life in an incredibly nuanced and believable way. And despite the to die for cheekbones and the incredible body, what makes him so compelling to watch is the way he focuses so intently on the other person and, with women, the sincerity and gentleness with which he interacts. When he touches Nikki's face after he tells her why he's leaving for NY. Oh my! He managed such vulnerability as Elias that I was riveted to the screen. Like a wounded animal--any harshness was out of self-protection so you didn't hold it against him.

    Tahmoh makes an absolutely perfect hero and was incredible as the tortured artist with a dark past and I'm loving his slightly cocky but good-hearted and smart cop Ray Chase as I watch Cold Squad. The only performance that hasn't worked for me was Trick R Treat. His performance was fine but inconsiderate and stupid are just not the best fit! He leaves wifey to clean up the yard at night so he can watch a sex tape alone. Please. I spent the whole time expecting him to somehow save her! Because that is what it seems like he should do just looking at him (too much Helo influence maybe--oh well, if you're got to be typecast then gorgeous, gentle, brave, smart and heroic with hidden depths isn't the worst option). Elias proves that Tahmoh can play someone with past trauma and I believe he would be just as incredible portraying someone coping with immediate trauma. And scary in The Hostage looks solid. But stupid and inconsiderate are just not gonna work for me looking at that face and that body and listening to that voice. Don't get me started on the voice. It could melt glaciers and pretty much anytime he speaks is my favorite Tahmoh moment.