Monday, March 29, 2010

Tahmoh in Caleb's Hope Reel and Con Appearances

Syfy has released a promo vid for Riverworld.

Edit: SyFy removed the video after airing Riverworld

Tahmoh makes a few appearances in this fabulous Caleb's Hope Reel:

Check out the new Caleb's Hope website for more info (the site is still under construction).

Tahmoh is scheduled to appear at three conventions in April and May.

Attendees, be sure to share all your wonderful pics with us when you return!


  1. One month and ---- FedCon. I'm so excited. Damn ... I would love to get a picture with Tahmoh but I'll probably get a nervous breakdown -- mind you I got one already.

  2. 11 days and counting. Stop smoking damn vulcano!!

  3. Monika - hope your are having a great time and will share a con report and pics with us when you return!