Friday, April 30, 2010

FedCon and More CCEC Pics

Tahmoh will be at FedCon in Bonn Germany this weekend. He's scheduled for the following:

Solo Panel: May 1 at 20:45
BSG Panel with Lucianna Carro, Aaron Douglas, and Kandyse McClure: May 2 at 13:00
CanadianKnight has posted some great photos from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Convention at his flickr site. In this one, Tahmoh and friend and fellow BSG, Taming Tammy, and The Hostage co-star Aleks Paunovic decide to join the audience and watch Aaron Douglas have fun during the BSG Panel.

Thanks to CanadianKnight for permission to link to his photos and to Meshel73 at the LJ Community The Chief's Deck for the link.

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