Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tahmoh Talks About The Hostage and Candyland

We recently asked Tahmoh to tell us more about The Hostage and Candyland: The Movie, two independent films in which he has starred. Here's what he had to say.

Can you tell us more about The Hostage, how it came about, the plot, your role, where are you in the process?

The Hostage came about from Aleks Paunovic's relationship with Brent Cote. Brent is a personal trainer and he and Aleks would train together. Alek's was always telling me how talented a writer Brent is. Aleks and I have talked for years about doing a piece written for us. Aleks asked Brent if he'd write a piece for us and a week later he had it finished. Needless to say Aleks and I were both really surprised that he did it that quickly, and after reading it we both knew that we now how had our project and needed to start the prep. I unfortunately got word not soon after that I needed to get back to LA right away for Dollhouse season two, so we pushed the film until January.

Aleks and I produced the film and starred in it along with Chelah Horsdal and Juan Riedinger. Brent Cote directed it and we shot the film in three days. It was an awesome experience. So proud of the amazing crew we had. Everyone worked their asses off and we're very proud of the finished product. We also got an incredible amount of post work done from our friends at Gold Tooth and an incredible score from our friend Crispin Hands.

We're really excited about producing future projects with these guys. We're submitting the film to festivals and hopefully it'll be more accessible to the public soon.
A few years ago, you had a role in the film that has been known as "Meth: The Movie", "Run Rabbit Run", and now "Candyland: The Movie." How did you come to have a role in this film? Do you know if there are any plans for its release (the website has been recently revamped and new trailers released)?
That movie was produced and shot by a dear friend and my acting coach Kate Twa and her partner Rowan. [BSG co-star] Grace Park also had a small role in the film. It's a powerful piece and the acting in it is so brave and truthful. As far as I know they're still working on distribution for the film. It's a must see and a very important, timely piece about youth and drugs.

Next up - Tahmoh compares working for Joss Whedon and Ron Moore and talks about playing Paul Ballard in Dollhouse.

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