Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fan Expo Pics, Reports, and More

Fan Expo looks and sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone who sent us con reports or gave us permission to link to their pictures. Note that all pics are the property of their posters. Do not repost or use in fanart without first contacting them.

Doug Mann of The Mark posted a detailed con report. He shared this exchange with Tahmoh:

I asked Penikett in his Q-and-A session about the attitude of the Canadian actors who worked on both the grimly realistic Battlestar and more fantastic shows such as Smallville: were they struck by the differences, or was it just another job? He replied that even the Battlestar miniseries was “badass,” and that it “broke that stereotypical mold about what a sci-fi show is.”
Click here for more on Tahmoh and the full con report.

Geekstalt posted this pic of Tahmoh to Flickr (original here).

He later posted this second pic, "Because the moment I post a picture of him, the internet goes wild and I receive e-mails asking for more. I didn't realize he was this popular!" (original here)

AATP reader Mari went to Fan Expo to celebrate her birthday. She got to chat with Tahmoh a couple times, including sharing a great exchange about books written by Dominican Republic authors. Here are a few exerts of her report (Mari, I tried not too get too personal!)
Tahmoh: Oh, you're Dominican! Then you must've read In the Time of the Butterflies
Mari: I haven't yet.
Tahmoh: Oh it's great. Or Oscar Wao. It's dark and historic.
Mari: I haven't read it yet either and it's on my list of books to read. I've been told it's Lord of the Rings meets Dominican history.
Tahmoh: (makes a face) Mmm, naah. But it's definitely dark. You know it's a Pulitzer Prize winner, right?
Mari: I do, I own it I just haven't read it.
They also discussed the book Dead Awakening before Tahmoh wished her safe travels and she moved on so as not to hold up the line for autographs. [Edit: In the comments Mari gives an udpate on the title and author: Dead Man in Paradise by J.B. MacKinnon]

See more pics and con reports at the following:
Rambling Russ posted this audio that includes an interview with Tahmoh. Tahmoh "appears" at about the 9:00 minute mark. Thanks to Michelle at the Tahmoh Penikett Facebook fan page and Mari for the links.

Finally, SpoilerTV gives us the name of Tahmoh's character on Human Target, but little else on his role. Of course spoilers for Human Target 2.01 "Ilsa Pucci". (Edit: forgot to mention that their info comes from the Fox Press Release. As of 9/12, Futon Critic and others had also reported the same.)

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  1. Thanks for posting these! After further investigation I think the book to which Tahmoh was referring is called Dead Man in Paradise by J.B. MacKinnon, an author who hails from Vancouver. It was the only book I could find that fit the description: a murder mystery set in the Dominican Republic and published in the last few years.

    Anyway, I had a blast! As always, thanks for keeping the fans informed.