Friday, October 22, 2010

Battlestar Exposition Opens and The Hostage Screens

Battlestar Galactica: The Exposition opens tomorrow at Seattle's Experience Music Project|Science Fiction Museum. Tahmoh is scheduled to appear at tonight's Members' Only event.

Also on Saturday, The Hostage screens at 10:00 pm at the Beverly Hills Film, TV, and New Media Festival. The festival website has more details about getting tickets and other films showing at the same event.

David Eick praised Tahmoh twice during a recent SyFy press tour for Caprica.
We’re in Vancouver. It’s a smaller pool of talent just in terms of the population. And we got so lucky with “Battlestar.” When you go down the line, I mean Tahmoh Penikett and — I can go on and on with the people we found locally. It’s a temptation to want to cast a lot of those guys again, Cylon and non-Cylon alike, just because they’re damn good actors and, you know, it’s hard to find good actors.

That’s one of the great things about TV. You can discover talent in a way that you can’t in movies. And I was talking about Tahmoh Penikett earlier. I keep damning Sasha Roiz with fain praise by telling him he’s the Tahmoh Penikett of “Caprica” because he’s this great discovery.
For those who don't watch Caprica, Sasha's character, like Tahmoh's was suppose to appear in just one episode, but was brought on for more a more substantial role.

Reader Bertha found this great Trick r Treat behind the scenes video. Tahmoh appears in multiple parts of this first part of the video, but not the second.


  1. so excited about the exposition member preview tonight! the information from the EMP has been really convoluted and kind of contradictory - they keep mentioning everyone BUT tahmoh in the emails about the preview, but i think he's still pretty clearly scheduled to be there. then there are all these mismatched schedule points from various press releases and emails and information on the site, so i'm just going to try to train myself not to expect anything in particular, and just enjoy whatever happens. EMP/SFM isn't very well organized... i bought a membership just so i could go to this thing, and it took them a MONTH to get it to me!
    anyway, if anyone wants to send me psychic confidence energy so i can at least take a picture like a normal human being, it would be much appreciated.

  2. Kate, here's sending you that psychic confidence and hoping he does show up tonight. I agree that the EMP/SFM info on this has been all over the place about who is attending, but today they still listed Tahmoh (and Edward James Olmos) on their website for tonight, so I'm hopeful he'll be there. Let us know!

  3. Sadly, no sign of Tahmoh. The only thing I could think of was that he might have only attended the super-mega-ultra fancy member preview (for the big money donors) and not the panel or anything else, but that seems pretty unlikely, plus there are a bunch of pictures from tonight up on flickr already, none of which include Tahmoh. There's another panel/discussion thing tomorrow (which I think Tahmoh was *definitely* scheduled for, at least according to the first source I had with any detailed schedule or the names of any guests), but EMP/SFM isn't listing him with the rest of the gang. So, I'm stumped. And that second panel is sold out, much to my annoyance - another issue with EMP/SFM not doing a very good job communicating when members do and do not have to register/pay for things... so, yeah. I did see the tops of the heads of the rest of the cast/crew that were there from my view at the outskirts of the panel auditorium dance floor thingy, so at least I get to add EJO to my list of Battlestar people I've seen in person, no matter how briefly. And I totally stole Michael Hogan's water from the stage after the place was nearly empty.
    But I appreciate the psychic confidence anyway! It's probably best that it wasn't wasted on an actual interaction with the man - the internal confidence would have been overridden by stupid external vanity issues. (you know, the kind that always pop up just for those events when you want to look perfect?) But since that didn't happen, I think the psychic boost to my social skills was appropriately used to get me to interact with some of my fellow geeks instead of just watching from afar. So, the group reading a scene from "A Disquiet Follows my Soul" thanks you for inspiring the girl behind their Gaius and their Laura.

  4. Well darn. He must have had to cancel for some reason. Maybe he'll show up at the The Hostage screening in LA? We can only hope :) Sounds like you had a great time even without Tahmoh!