Sunday, November 07, 2010

A New Film and Tahmoh in new Caleb's Hope Video

Tahmoh is currently in Bulgaria shooting a new film, which he describes as a "dragon slayer film of sorts". We'll be sure to let you know more about the project as the details become available.

The Express with Erin Shaw featured this great video about Caleb's Hope and its founder Holly Dignard. Tahmoh appears a few times in the video - as himself in the Real Men Don't Rape Campaign and in his role as Elias Noth from Whistler.


  1. Maybe Tahmoh's combining work with pleasure in Bulgaria. The snow is falling, the first lifts are open, the season is starting, pack your board! Even if it's not *quite* up to Whistler standards (to say the least).


  2. Sarum, Tahmoh said thanks for the tip, but unfortunately he was working six days a week and then had to get back to LA after they finished shooting. Next time!