Thursday, March 17, 2011

Writing, Literature, and More Personal Pics

Tahmoh sent the great photos decorating this post. Many thanks to him for sharing these personal pics from the Dollhouse set and a convention appearance with Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku.

Tahmoh will be attending Chicago's C2E2 Convention this weekend, March 18 to March 20. He's scheduled to appear Saturday, March 19, from 2:15 to 3:13 pm in a panel with Dollhouse co-star Eliza Dushku. Check out the C2E2 website for additional information about Tahmoh's schedule, autographs, and more.

Tahmoh answered some recent reader questions on writing, literature, and sources of information about First Nations.

Have you ever considered writing?
My father is a writer, and I have a lot of friends who are writers. I'm a big fan of books, and I'm fascinated by writers who have their own style. Especially when you're a fan of theirs over their years and see their art improve and grow. I haven't really tried my hand at it yet, at least not diligently which I hear is the first rule. I have a lot of ideas in my head for scripts, and I'm slowly putting some to paper.

Are you a fan of Ernest Hemingway's writing? Or Jeff Lindsay? If so, which works are your favorites?
I remember reading some Hemingway when I was in college, especially some of his short stories. I loved Old Man and The Sea. Is Jeff Lindsay the same one who wrote the original Dexter novels?! I'm not familiar with his work other than the show which I'm definitely a fan of.

Do you have any recommendations on websites, books, or other sources to learn more about the history and experiences of First Nations?
Not really but it's amazing what you can learn from the internet. I'm always a fan of Wikipedia. I was curious about what kind of information it had on my nation in Alaska and the Yukon and found that it was probably quite accurate in how many people it said were left that spoke fluent Upper Tanana. The number was really low, and although I was somewhat aware of that, it was disheartening to read. I think when my grandmother's generation passed on, so many customs, traditions and especially language and stories went with them. I think this is the case with many First Nations in North America and especially ones that were affected by the residential school system. There's a number of great First Nation writers out there, you should check them out. If you haven't, read Three Day Road by my friend Joseph Boyden. It's an incredible book about a couple of young Cree snipers in the First World War.

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