Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Contest: Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Time for some fun and games to shake things up around here!

As many of you know, Facebook is moving to the "Timeline" format for all accounts, including fanpages such as Tahmoh's. I've gone ahead and published the page in Timeline format using one of my favorite pictures of Tahmoh as the cover photo. But, Tahmoh, Bertha (my co-admin here), and I thought it would be fun to have fans chose the permanent Timeline cover photo. You will
email us your favorite photo of Tahmoh or even your own fan art creation celebrating Tahmoh and his work. Tahmoh, Bertha, and myself will choose a few finalists, and then we'll let the fans vote for the final photo.

Like all contests, we have some ground rules:
  1. You can submit photos or fanart; note that landscape works best for the cover photo. Click here for examples of fanart banners we used in a previous context.
  2. If you are creating fanart from a copyrighted picture, make sure you have permission from the owner to use the picture.
  3. If you are suggesting a picture that is copyrighted, make sure to include the name of the copyright owner in case we need to get permission to use it.
  4. Pictures and fanart that promote Tahmoh's breadth of work or Tahmoh himself as opposed to individual roles he has played will be given priority in our selection of which photos to include in the contest.
  5. We will only consider photos or fanart that are emailed to AATP (see link to the right). Items posted in comments at AATP or facebook will not be considered and will be deleted so as not to clog up the pages.
It is possible that the winning entry may also be appropriate to serve as an updated banner to this website. No promises on this one, but if you are creating fan art, you might want to keep the color scheme and layout of AATP in mind ... just in case.

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