Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Music Videos

To find more vids, I suggest visiting Galactica Vids or searching YouTube.

All the BSG music videos I've blogged about:

[Some of the videos listed below may no longer be available, I suggest contacting the creators in that case as they will often be happy to reupload their work.]

Shot You Down (October 2005)
Focus: Helo/Boomer on Caprica
Song: Audio Bullys w/ Nancy Sinatra - Shot You Down
Size: 29.4mb

Spies (October 2005)
Focus: Helo
Song: Spies by Coldplay
Size: 58mb

Wonderwall (October 2005)
Focus: Helo/Boomer, Helo POV
Song: Wonderwall by Ryan Adams (Oasis cover)
Size: 11mb

Flames (August 2005)
Focus: Helo/Boomer
Song: Flames by Vast
Size: 18.9mb

Stronger Than Dirt (June 2005)
Focus: Lt. Karl "Helo" Agathon
Song: Stronger Than Dirt by Tom McRae
Size: 15.9mb

Rock Star (June 2005)
Focus: Entire cast
Song: Rock Star by N.E.R.D.
Size: 16.223mb

Elysium (May 2005)
Focus: Helo/Boomer
Song: Elysium by Elysia
Size: 7.586mb

The Boy with the Bubblegun (May 2005)
Focus: GalacticaBoomer
Song: The Boy with the Bubblegun by Tom McRae
Size: 12.415mb

Fine Again (May 2005)
Focus: Entire cast
Song: Fine Again by Seether
Size: 32.9mb or 15.7mb

Touched (May 2005)
Focus: Helo/Boomer
Song: Touched by Vast
Size: 15.9mb

Running Two (May 2005)
Focus: Helo/Boomer
Song: Running Two by Tykwer Klimek Heil feat. Franka Potente
Size: 17.262mb

We Are Now Free (May 2005)
Focus: Entire cast
Song: We Are Now Free by Hans Zimmer
Size: 17.279mb

Blind (April 2005)
Focus: Helo/Boomer
Song: Blind - Lifehouse
Size: 17.7mb

Hero of the Day (April 2005)
Focus: Helo
Song: Hero of the Day - Metallica
Size: 17.7mb

Season 2 Promo Video (April 2005)
Focus: Entire cast
Song: Cells - The Servant (Instrumental remix)
File size: 3.7mb

Boomer: Easier to Run (April 2005)
Focus: Caprica!Sharon Valerii (Boomer/Helo too)
Song: Easier to Run - Linkin' Park
Size: 12mb

I Won't Last a Day Without You (March 2005)
Focus: Helo/Boomer
Song: I Won't Last a Day Without You - The Carpenters
Size: 13.7mb

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