Thursday, April 14, 2005

Season 2 Fan Promo Video

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has made a fun Season 2 promo video. It made me realize how much I can't wait for the new season to start...
It's a mini-vid to basically promote season two but it's got clips from almost all of the eps from season one.

Season/Spoilers: Season One
Song/Artist: Cells by The Servant (Instrumental remix)
File size: 3.70 MB
Go check it out. Helo wants you to. Or something...


  1. bonjour
    my name is christelle
    i'm "french" sorry for the grammar i think et i hope this show should be continued, i love the serie, and the game of "caraters"
    bonne chance for the others ├ępisodes!!!!!
    i'm almost "addicted" ..............

  2. Bonjour Christelle,

    Glad you like the show. It's been renewed for a 3rd season, so we should have alot more time with our favorite characters.

    -Justine :)