Saturday, April 16, 2005

Grace Park: Boomer Gets Ready to Rumble

Julia Houston over at recently interviewed Grace Park about her double role, her hopes for the characters and shooting Season 2.

ME: I hear from the others it’s a great experience, making the show, but I also hear about torturous shoots. You have a horror story to share?

GP: I have one word: rain. The rain towers are so bloody cold, and the suits are rubber, so you’re soaking wet and freezing your butt off.

ME: Wow. And you’ve shot about half your scenes on the planet with rain.

GP: Exactly. Helo caught hypothermia.
Poor Helo (at least I hope she means Helo and not Tahmoh...).

I will warn you there are mild SPOILERS (one line of dialogue/situation description of one scene) on page 2 of the article.

Thanks to shadowserenity over at Hidden Elysium.

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