Monday, April 04, 2005

Helo in the news

Lots of finale reviews and reactions in the press. I've just pulled the Helo-relevant bits.

You can find sympathy for Helo's situation over at TVGuide's Watercooler.

Meanwhile, back in the jungle. Or down on Caprica, rather: Caprica Boomer, well, lowers the boom on Helo and tells him she's pregnant. Like he wasn't already freaking out about being the only human left on a planet overrun by the enemy?
Cinescape reviews "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Pt. 2":
Speaking of Cylons, Starbuck's arrival on Caprica finally ties Helo and Boomer back into the primary action of the story. Whereas Helo spent most of the previous episode coming to terms with his partner's seeming betrayal, his temper has cooled and a philosophical discussion with his Cylon companion fails to register its true meaning with him.

("a philosophical discussion"? that's not ringing a bell... anyone know what this is referring to? Maybe I'm too in tune with Helo, who apparently also didn't get it...)
Now Playing Magazine also reviews the season finale:
Sharon back on Caprica, her and Helo have reached something of an agreement – even though he knows that she’s a Cylon – thanks to the revelatory bit of news that she’s quite satisfying to see Helo and Starbuck’s very real reactions when they learn that one another are alive.
Thanks to Shawn from the BSG Pre-flight Briefing for pointing these out.


  1. "a philosophical discussion"? that's not ringing a bell...

    I think they're referring to the part of the discussion in which Sharon tells Helo that she has real feelings, that their relationship was important because it was the next step, brings them closer to God, etc (before she reveals her pregnancy). Helo "misses the point" in his anger at being betrayed, and I suppose the discussion is "philosophical" because Sharon is alluding to the development of human-Cylon relations on a more ethereal level and so forth. That's my guess, anyway.