Sunday, April 03, 2005

Vote for Helo and BSG

The Ragnar Anchorage boards have an ongoing poll of people's Favourite Character on Galactica. I think Helo deserves a few more votes. If you agree, be sure to go vote!

Also, BSG has been nominated for several viewer's choice Spacey Awards. Tricia Helfer is up for "Favorite Female TV Character" as Number Six. The mini-series is up for "Favorite Limited TV Series" and Edward James Olmos is up for Favorite Male Character. Vote here.

Finally, if you can't commit just to Helo, then over at TrekBBS you can vote for your 5 favorite characters from Season One. I'd have to go with Helo, Six, Baltar, Starbuck and Dualla.

UPDATE: At TrekBBS, Helo currently is in 7th place with only 6% of the vote... come on guys/girls, we can't let our heroic hero get beat by Tigh! (apologies to Tigh fans) Vote!

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