Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hidden Elysium: New Helo/Boomer Site

Over at a new community/fan site, Hidden Elysium has started up to celebrate Helo & Boomer as a couple:

Welcome, welcome to Hidden Elysium, a community for Helo (Karl Agathon) and Boomer (Sharon Valerii). This is the place where we all get to come together and talk about our favorite human/cylon couple, whether it be romance or friendship or any shades in between.

Hidden Elysium is the first LJ community for Helo and Boomer, the very frakked-up but fascinating human/cylon relationship that is, I repeat, is canon. So our shippage actually exists in Ron Moore’s mind, too ;)
If you're interested, go join! Otherwise there promises to be lots of Helo (& Boomer) centric art about.

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