Thursday, April 07, 2005

New info on the BSG Magazine and Book

The Alien Online released this news story about the Titan Publishing Group's plans for a Galactica companion book and official magazine. Here are some tidbits to spark your interest, visit for the full story:

Battlestar Galactica: The Official Companion will be published in June 2005, and will feature exclusive interviews, insider secrets, a complete episode guide to the mini-series and first season of the television series, and a 16-page colour photo supplement.

According to Titan Books Editor, Adam Newell: "There is no more popular television show at the moment than Battlestar Galactica. Even fans of the 1970s original are converts to the new series. Our companion guide will fill a welcome void for these fans as they eagerly await the second season."

And in addition, Titan Magazines, the largest and most experienced publisher of licensed entertainment magazines in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand, has added the Official Battlestar Galactica Magazine to its portfolio. This bi-monthly, 68-page guide will offer an extensive selection of cast and crew interviews and on set reports, photos and more.
More information on Titan's publications at

I guess it's time to subscribe and start lobbying for stories about Helo and interviews with Tahmoh!

(The magazine image above is an alternate cover of the miniseries mag currently available for purchase (see below). I'm not sure if it was ever on newstands... does anyone know? No covers have been released for the new official series mag as far as I know.)


If, like me, you only saw the miniseries after you started watching the show, then you probably never had the chance to see or buy the Official Mini-series Magazine from 2003.

UPDATE (4-12-05): Contrary to what the website implies, the miniseries magazine is no longer available.


  1. Actually all the Mini-Series Magazines are or have been sold out for quite sometime now, including all back issues. A quick search of the Titon back issue section will confirm it. What you are seeing at the Titon Magazine site is the pre-order for the new Official BSG series magazine. TrekWeb was the 1st to report it.

    BTW: Starburst Magazine did an interview with Tahmoh Penikett in it's latest issue that was released in the UK yesterday. Can read excerpts at Sci Fi Pulse:


  2. Thanks for the link and for the info. However, the alternate cover still says "The Official Mini-Series Magazine" and Titan let me order it without telling me it was backordered or a subscription to the magazine?

    Maybe we're looking at different pages... [of course when my mag never arrives I'll know why...] ;)

  3. Express Mag called me today (a week later!) to say the mini-series magazine was no longer available... so you were right.