Thursday, April 28, 2005

Review: Below the Belt (2000)

So I downloaded the film (see previous post). For those of you wondering, it's 55MB and requires Windows Media Player 9 or above. Here are some initial reactions/thoughts.

Below the Belt, as you might imagine, is all about sex. After a Monty-Pythonesque opening about the birds and the bees, we meet the principle protagonists: Jonas and Tabatha. They've been dating six months and by now Tabatha is, to put it mildly, quite eager to have sex (see previous post for more plot summary).

Tahmoh plays an asexual guy, with a dorky streak (he knows all about flowers?). It's set outdoors by the lake in Canada/Caprica that Baltar's imaginary house overlooks (see picture below... which is named? anyone?)

The film is racy and a bit awkward. It features rather explicit discussion of sex and lots of sexually suggestive imagery (involving balloons and a clown... don't ask). In any case, I wouldn't watch it with any children/parents about... consider yourself warned.

In short, Below the Belt is not going to be winning any Oscars, but was a quirky, low-budget, indy short film.

(Spoilers below the photos for those wondering how it ends.)
If you watch, please leave a comment or email me. I feel the need to discuss.

Some pretty screen caps for your enjoyment...

SPOILERS... in the comment to this post. Click below.


  1. Jonas ends up declaring himself an asexual amoeba... I say download it; really when else are you going to see Tahmoh crawling on the ground covered in a red tablecloth?

  2. Well, that was different.


    Yeah, I guess that's me speechless.

  3. That pretty much sums up my reaction as well.

    It seems like Under the Cover continues the story line. So I'd be interested to see what happens?

  4. No, wait... there's a sequel to this story? Does the clown turn out to be a cylon or something?

  5. Well guys,
    Straight from "the horse's mouth" as they say. I'm the creator of this absurdist "amoeba - monster" (and I created the pilot so I'm allowed to call it that).. Here's the story of how this came to be a series and why it's one of those things that leaves people going "Um, why is there a 4 piece mini series about a guy who wants to be an amoeba?". I agree.. I did not think a pilot Jason and I made as our "calling cards" when we moved to Vancouver would be selected to make it (out of 1200 nation-wide no less) into anything else. To be honest, my series bible was an epic tribute to this great play called "Rhinocerous" by Eugene Ionesco (if you get a chance, read it - no amoebas and it's a great allegory for how maniacal society is about following trends)... anyhow, CBC - being the wacky-loving broadcaster that it is.. promised $100,000 for 6 episodes.. Myself and fellow actor Martin Christopher (chris martin, he changed it at some point) who is Jonas' best friend - we penned this great epic story of global domination, lots of international travelling for ourselves etc... THEN, CBC did a CBC and suddenly chopped our knees off saying "you have only 3 episodes and $40,000" which kind of made me not want to do it at all anymore. I mean, the premise was that North American society is over-sexed and girls have become as big a perverts as guys (which I think is odd - call me weird)... so this was kind of a joke series in the end. The resulting script was a "F&&k you, all you're gonna get is wacked out absurdism" to CBC for slashing our budget (you don't even want to know what we had to endure with some of the CBC producers who kept trying to force gay issues, pot smoking and god knows what else in the initial stages of development)... Tahmoh wasn't even supposed to be in the final episodes - not because of him as a person but because the character wasn't supposed to come back(the original story was that he went off and took the amoeba story line with him and then Tabatha fell in love with her best friend)... In no way am I justifying this - it's odd and bizarre and could have been such a great story... ** the clown by the way was some fetishistic fantasy of one of the CBC producer women who would NOT let me cut him out of the story. "No way! That clown stays"... If you ever apply for national TV mini series, be prepared for these kinds of um.... obsessive personalities in the producing end.

  6. Hi Dominika, thanks for all the behind the scenes info. Sounds like it was quite the experience. Sorry for all the hassle. It ended up being entertaining, though odd :). I also feel much better? knowing where the clown came from...

  7. Oh my goodness, that sounds like such an adventure in just getting things made! Sounds like quiet the learning experience, thanks for sharing it. :D

    And, I too, feel so much better knowing were the clown came from. Yikes!