Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tahmoh in Below the Belt (2000)

Tahmoh stars in this 10 minute film, available for download (for 99 cents) at Just search for "Below the Belt" and click for more detail and then an info page with more information and a cast list will appear.

It appears to be a kind of Sex and the City / Clueless take on a young relationship; complete with a female narrator...

Below the Belt is a quirky perspective on defining love in the new millennium. By considering the outside influences through which humans interpret one another's boundaries of devotion, the film dips into a subliminal level of gonad confusion.

Jonas (Tahmoh Penikett) and Tabatha (Dominika Wolski), a couple in their early twenties, are having a picnic in the park to celebrate their six month anniversary. As Tabatha petitions Jonas to finally have sex with her, his hesitation to mark intimacy by physical intercourse becomes a catalyst for a behind-the-zipper revelation.
If you're not ready to commit the $2, then you can watch the trailer in which Tahmoh appears briefly. I'm currently working up my courage to watch the whole film as I embarrass easily. I'll report back once I've seen it (see my review here).

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