Monday, April 18, 2005

"Survivor: Caprica" Interview in Starburst #323

Thanks to Miss Clarissa (crazy_celebrian) at Hidden Elysium we have scans of Tahmoh's interview in the May edition of Starburst magazine. Here are the first 2 pages, go here for the rest.

When asked to name his favorite Helo moment from the mini-series, Penikett is quick to reply, "There's the scene where Boomer and Helo are trying to escape from the bad guys. They're out of range of the Cylons and notice that most of the Vipers have been robbed of power and/or destroyed, so they try to make a beeline out of there. In doing so, they attempt to dodge a missile but some shrapnel comes flying through the cockpit."

"I'll never forget being on set that day and having to do all my sensory work in order to imagine myself experiencing extreme pain. It took four hours to shoot that scene inside the ship. We had to reset the squibs every time when part of my leg supposedly gets blown up and I'm screaming my head off. Also, it felt like 150 degrees inside the spacesuits that Grace and I were wearing. By the time we finished that scene and some of the crew guys pulled me out of the ship, they were like 'He looks a little pale', They were right," chuckles the actor." However despite any discomfort, I loved doing that scene. It was so well-written and emotionally challenging for me."
The text is a little blurry, but you can make most of it out. Sci-fi Pulse transcribed some of the interview earlier. Beware of Season 2 SPOILERS in the last section of the article (beginning with large "P" on page 5).

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