Monday, April 18, 2005

Hush (2005) to be released this May

Tahmoh's new thriller, Hush, in which he plays the lead, Noah Hamilton, is now listed on IMDB, if you want to see full cast/crew details. Much more exciting is that Lifetime has decided to air the movie this May!

May 23 - Monday 9:00 pm Hush on Lifetime

A woman (Spelling) is excited when her husband (Penikett) suggests that they move to the idyllic small town where he grew up. She hopes that a fresh start will lead to success for the in-vitro fertilization procedures that have failed so far. However, once they move, his vindictive ex-girlfriend (Pratt) becomes obsessed with him and focused on getting him back.

Starring: Tori Spelling, Tahmoh Penikett, Victoria Pratt
Much to my surprise/happiness?, I actually get Lifetime so I'll be able to watch come May. However, I'm too low tech to be able to make screen caps... anyone out there interested?

I'll of course remind us all closer to the air date. Lifetime seems to put up trailers and photos closer to the premiere, so stay tuned! If you go to Lifetime's site, they'll also send you an email reminder about the movie.

For more information on Hush, see my previous posts here and here.

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