Monday, May 16, 2005

Poll Results: On Galactica, Helo should...

So I asked in last week's poll, "Who in the crew are you most looking forward to Helo interacting with, if he gets back to the ship?"

And the answer is...

1. Chief Tyrol (35%)
2. Apollo (33%)
3. Galatica Boomer (28%)
4. Baltar (3%)
5. Crashdown (3%)
The Helo/Chief interaction should be very interesting. I mean he knocked up Tyrol's girlfriend (or the woman he thought was Tyrol's girlfriend).

Apollo... I guess because it's doubtful Helo will be good at taking orders upon his return? Because of a possible rivalry with Apollo in terms of Starbuck's friendship? The pretty factor?

If you voted for Apollo, I'd be interested in knowing why...

And Helo meeting up with the original GalBoomer would of course be rife with tension/angst.

Someone pointed out (and I agree) that it'll be damn interesting to see Helo/Baltar interact when Helo realizes he gave up his seat to the guy indirectly responsible for the destruction of the colonies...

Because graphs are fun:

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