Tuesday, March 01, 2005


A continuously updated archive of all the polls that have run on this site:

Helo's most dramatic moment (June 2006)

The Future of Helo & Sharon (May 2006)

Will you watch Cold Squad? (April 2006)

"Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2" Poll - Reaction to the finale (April 2006)

"Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1" Poll - What will happen to Helo in part two? (March 2006)

"Downloaded" Poll - When will Helo learn the truth about Hera? (March 2006)

"Scar" Poll - Helo & Kara's backstory (February 2006)

"Black Market" Poll - What does Helo do off-screen? (January 2006)

"Epiphanies" Poll - Would Helo have drawn his gun? (January 2006)

"Resurrection Ship, Part Two" Poll - Where do we go from here? (January 2006)

Helo's Best Attributes (January 2006)

Helo's Backstory: Part 1/Part 2 (December 2005)

Helo Fantasy Pairing (November 2005)

How do Helo and Tyrol escape death? (October 2005)

Helo's Future in Season 2 (October 2005)

"Pegasus" Poll - Rate the episode (September 2005)

"Flight of the Phoenix" Poll - Best Helo scene (September 2005)

"Final Cut" Poll - Helo/Boomer rejoining the fleet (September 2005)

"Home, Part 2" Poll - Future of Helo/Boomer's relationship (September 2005)

"Home, Part 1" Poll - Helo pulling a gun on Apollo (August 2005)

"The Farm" Poll - Helo's acceptance of Boomer's return (August 2005)

"Resistance" Poll - Favorite Helo Attribute in "Resistance" (August 2005)

"Fragged" Poll - Helo's Absence in "Fragged" (August 2005)

"Valley of Darkness" Poll - Best Helo line in "VoD" (August 2005)

"Scattered" Poll - What'd you think of Helo's defense of Boomer? (July 2005)

At the start of Season 2, Helo will... (July 2005)

Poll Results: When we first see Helo...
How should Helo explain? (June 2005)

Poll Results: How should Helo explain?
Favorite Noah Outfit in Hush (May 2005)

Poll Results: Favorite Dr. Noah Outfit
Will you watch Tahmoh in Hush? (May 2005)

Poll Results: Will you watch Hush?
Back on Galactica, Helo should... (May 2005)

Poll Results: On Galactica, Helo should...
What should Helo do in Season 2? (May 2005)

Poll Results: What should Helo do in Season 2?
Why are you here? (April 2005)

Poll Results: What would you like to see more of on this site?
Why are you a Helo fan? (April 2005)

Poll Results: Why people like Helo
Helo's Romantic Future (April 2005)

Poll Results: Helo's Romantic Future
Helo's last line in the S1 BSG finale (April 2005)

Poll Results: Helo's last line in the finale

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