Sunday, May 01, 2005

Poll: What should Helo do in Season 2?

If you were writing Season 2, what would happen to Helo?

I've thought up some options, but feel free to comment and tell me your vision...

Personally, I think it'd be fabulous if #10 (single-handedly bring down the cylon empire from the inside) came about. I'm envisioning that episode of the original Star Trek where the Enterprise crew overcomes the army of beautiful robots ruled by Harry Mudd purely by the power of illogic.

(Thanks to my wonderful fiance for numbers 1, 9, & 10. I'll try not to read too much into the harem comment.)


  1. There you have it. Helo should have a pretty busy season getting back to the Galactica, kissing and making up with Boomer, and single-handedly taking down the Cylon empire from within. Sounds like a good season to me. :P

  2. hehe. It seems he should at least briefly suspect Starbuck's a cylon though... esp. once he sees the ship she flew in on.