Friday, May 06, 2005

"You Can't Go Home Again" Tonight @ 10/9c

Watch tonight's ep for some great Helo vs. Toaster action. It also happens to feature Tahmoh's favorite scene from Season 1 (from his interview on S2D):

What was your favorite scene from season one?

TP: Hard question, man. Action-wise, I’m loving shooting at cylons and diving over counters and having pots dropped on my head and stuff like that. It was great.
Watch the preview here.

Go to for a more complete summary and two deleted scenes. (For any night owls or party-goers out there, "You Can't Go Home Again" also reairs at midnight CST).

Thanks to BladeRunner at Galactica Station for the screen cap.


  1. Ok I had to look it up... boy likes to hide under blankies and have pots dropped on his head.

    As Lorelai sais... can't pick joke, too many choices! :D

  2. Yeah, it struck me as kind of funny too, but I could see how the action sequences could be fun. Though he has to just imagine the toasters, which has to be a challenge.

  3. Speaking of having to imagine the toasters, the episode where the one falls directly on him had to be pretty tough.

    I wonder if something/someone actually fell on him to practice the effect, and I wonder if we can volunteer next time. :)