Thursday, May 05, 2005

Under the Cover online!

ZeD has posted Under the Cover online--for free! (For more on Under the Cover, see my previous posts or the career news archive). ZeD sounds pretty cool. Oh to be Canadian:

ZeD is a launch pad for independent creative expression that uses TV and the Web to seek out and broadcast the best new short films, videos, animation, visual art, performance and music in Canada and around the world.
I'd really recommend watching Below the Belt first as it's the pilot to the series, but if you can't spare the 99 cents, be warned, Jonas (Tahmoh) has:
- retreated under a red blanket.
- declared himself an asexual amoeba.
- broken up with his sex-starved girlfriend, Tabatha.
- Oh and there's a freaky clown.
(I posted a longer review with screen caps earlier).

Here are the links:
Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4
Jonas spends most of eps 2&3 covered in his red blanket. But in ep 4 he emerges. It results in some racy action, so beware. (Not work-safe).

Please feel free to comment in response to this post and to the film!

Here are some screencaps:


  1. I have to admit, I was scared by the fact that I was getting into the story of these crazy kids. And yes, there *was* a plot!

    Bit sad about the fact that all we got was blanket in episode 2 & 3, but again, we got story development and the great quote. Then we get pay off in episode four with loss of blanky and... what are those, boxers or briefs? Can't decide! And in your second picture you captured the patented Helo 'confused and looking for direction' look. And have you noticed he does that looking-down/up thing to girls? What am I saying, of course you have! He's done it to Boomer at least 3 times to count... not that I'm counting mind you.

    So not being not scary. lol

  2. I'd say boxers...

    "have you noticed he does that looking-down/up thing to girls?"

    Yes! He does it all the time! It's hot/endearing. Makes capping scenes a bitch though. ;)

  3. *Love* the looking down/up thing!

    Which means he's probably decently tall, at a guess 6'2"?

    Oh, and how the heck do I make this thing email me notices when something is replied to? I will many times forget to look back on posts I've made if I don't get those LJ reminder emails.

  4. Yah tall. Although I think Dominika (Tabatha) is on the short-side, so he could be closer to 6'?

    Ack. I think blogspot has failed us. It emails me when people comment but I can't find a setting to make it email you when other people comment. When picking a blogging site this wasn't a feature foremost on my mind. Ack. Maybe that's why no one comments.

  5. I'm betting on 6'2", we should really make it a point to find out one day. This should be like Price Is Right of whoever gets closer without going over wins. Wins what? I've no idea. lol

    I'm not sure about the email notice being a reason people don't comment. Would be a reason people don't reply to a reply(they don't know something has been posted), but not initially post. Maybe they just need to see people being chatty to initally post? :)

    And I also don't know about blogspot and what kind of traffic they get. In LJ I know I stumble into communities from doing interest searches, do people do that in here as well? Maybe there isn't that much traffic here?

  6. Some BSG news for you:

    Dynamite Entertainment to release comics based on the modern version of Battlestar Galactica. The comic series will launch Fall 2005.