Friday, June 24, 2005

"Flesh and Bone" Tonight on Sci-fi @ 10/9c

Thankfully Sci-fi has recovered its senses and decided to re-air "Flesh and Bone." Of course, maybe they always planned to show them out of order. Anyways, this ep rocks in whatever order it appears.

Some nice CapBoomer development in this ep. Plus it was all nice and sunny for once. Though I've always wondered why she takes Helo's pulse the morning after... was she really concerned it was that good?

Meanwhile, on far-off Caprica, another Sharon conspires with her Cylon associates Doral and Number Six to convince Helo to remain on the planet and start a new life.
Anyone else struck by how poor a summary this is of what actually occurred? Silly Sci-fi.

Go to for a more complete summary and two deleted scenes.

Or, if you've seen the episode before, you should definitely listen to Ron Moore's podcast commentary, which you can find here.

Thanks to BladeRunner at Galactica Station for the cap.

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