Friday, June 24, 2005

New Season 2 BSG Spoilers

Some new spoiler photos have been posted over at Space's site (official site of the Canadian channel that broadcasts BSG, I think). See the promo images on the top line.

TVGuide's Ausiello also had some spoiler tidbits.
Question: Season 2 Battlestar Galactica scoop? — Gerald
SPOILERS and speculation behind the cut...
Ausiello: Two new Cylons will be introduced, and one of them may be played by an actor/actress who previously worked with one of the show's producers. Hmmm...
In light of the info below... I'd bet that Lucy Lawless is one of the new cylons:
Lucy checked in with us about her appearance on Battlestar Galactica. She said she's signed on to do one episode of a character that could come back. The character she plays is a reporter, D'anna Biers, who is a threat to expose the goings-on on the ship. Her presence ratchets up tensions between the crew members.

"This was a chance to work with old friend, David Eick, who was mentored by Rob on Hercules. They actually came to me to be on BG in the beginning, but with two tiny kids, I was not interested in the one-hour lifestyle. Looking forward to playing with the wonderful BG cast, though, and visiting my old Vancouver haunts from drama school days." -- Lucy
Thanks to Pam at Ron Moore's Galactica!


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