Tuesday, June 21, 2005

New BSG Season 2 Sneak-Peak Video

Thanks to Spacen over at the Pegasus Galaxy Forums, we can now all see the new sneak-peak vid that Sci-Fi aired on Monday for the second season of BSG:
The Sci Fi Channel aired a second sneak peek of Battlestar Galactica's second season during their "Sci Fi Monday" Stargate SG-1 lineup tonight. This commercial seemed to concentrate on the story behind the cylons.
Go watch it now.

This promo doesn't feature Helo as heavily as the previous one, but I've made one cap for those interested. (I've put it behind spoiler tags to protect the wary):


  1. I dunno... I'm pretty sure I saw in three or maybe even four snippets in this one. True, it was more heavily Six/Gaius, but still...

  2. Just FYI:

    Lucy Lawless / Official Xena Fan Club, http://www.lucylawless.info/battlestar-galactica/episodeguide.php , posted a few snippits of her role (and character name).

    Also BSG-Online posted an interview with Richard Hatch: