Thursday, June 23, 2005

Where in Vancouver? I mean Caprica.

This post was inspired by the Unofficial Battlestar Blog's post identifying the garden on Cloud Nine as the University of British Columbia's rose garden and by Battlestar Aggregatica's id-ing the dramatic building below as the Vancouver Public Library.

Vancouver Public Library
So... where in Vancouver? aka Name that Building!

This building screams 70s institutional architecture. Every campus has one such concrete monstrosity. I'd be shocked if this wasn't on some university campus.

An imposing corporate edifice. Telecommunications perhaps?

Nice Dutch colonial architecture, with a friendly bike rack.

Is that a Sheraton hotel? And, more pressingly, what are those movie posters on the building at left?

Finally, identify this highway/parking structure!
Any ideas? Any takers? It'd be fun to find out...

Thanks to Northern Lights for all the caps (except the last one).


  1. The first one is Simon Fraser University I believe.

    The rest I can't place...

  2. I used to live in Van oh god 9 years ago (already!); at the time a litany of misfortunes that befell me there and I hightailed it out of there after a square 12 months. Now I'm older and wiser and can see how I put myself in the path of some of them…a new city can be a hard taskmaster. To make a long story short I visited again last year and a lot changed (and I can't identify everything). I'm thinking of one day moving back there…good place to have a family, I bet. If you have a good job.


    1. BCIT or else SFU (where I've never been)

    2. SFU or beats the blank outta me. Does not look like BCIT unless it's a newish building.

    3. Anywhere downtown, really. Maybe even in Yaletown, or that nice kinda rich beach side of downtown near English Bay. near Silvia's, you know.

    4. Scotiabank building, approximate intersection Granville and Georgia. Given that I can't see mountains in the background, they either edited them out or they're taking it from the north side

    5. This is looking up from either Hastings or Pender, and it's somewhere near this GIS/engineering office building I used to want to work at that's on the downtown side nearest GM Place, just past which there's an elevated highway of sorts. My venture is Homer St., or Hamilton. BTW two blocks from there is a gritty bar/resto called the Cambie, they don't advertise it but those in the know can get a mean burger and cheap beer for $5

  3. The first is of course the Vancouver Public Library. Also used in Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie The Sixth Day. They blow it up at the end.

    The second is Simon Fraser University (SFU), which was also used in the BSG Pilot mini, shot in a market scene, where Number 6 pinched a a bad way. Was also used in a few episodes of Stargate SG1, to portray the homeworld of the Nolan. And was further used in an episode of Classic Star Trek in the 60's. The one with the flying disc shaped alien jelly fish that stick to people. also used in many other sci-fi's. I dunno why it's used in so many Sci-Fi shows, if you ever actualy visit the place...It's not that modern or futuristic looking.

  4. #1 Is the Vancouver Public Library, such a lovely building and a great library.

    #2 Looks like SFU to me, (Simon Fraser University)

    #3 Admittedly I have troubles placing this one, however I must add that a lot of buildings here in Vancouver look like this ;)

    #4 Is Gastown, on Alexander Street.
    They shot the bit with Helo and Sharon hiding out in a restaurant in what looked to me like the Alibi Room. It even looks like the Alibi Room building or it's neighboring building. Gastown has lots of older architecture, being the more historic portion of the city.

    #5 This is the Scotiabank tower, right downtown. The building at left with the 'movie posters' is actually the former Ford Centre for the Perfoming Arts, now just called The Centre. The posters are actually large scale vinyl banners advertising different Dance and live theatre events going on.

    #6 I loved this shot, showed how the 'human' cylons had feelings including envy and sadness.
    I find it difficult to make out the buildings in the BG, and haven't seen the episode for a while but it is definitely downtown Vancouver, what appears to be the Waterfront Hotel and the Financial district towers, as seen from the gritty parking garages area I myself have not sashayed through.

    Post more of these questions, it's fun :D

    Who would've thunkit: Vancouver's a futuristic city? Hee hee hee



  5. Oh boy is it ever distracting living in Caprica city and watching the show.

    1. Is as mentioned, the Vancouver Public Library (or the "not based on the Roman coliseum... honest!")

    2. Would be the east end of the Quadrangle at SFU (aka. CIA Headquarters from the "Deep Throat" episode in X-Files and a myriad of different planets and futuristic buildings in Stargate SG-1 and less notable series)

    3. Is the Walter Koerner Library in the middle of UBC. You get an awesome view from the seventh floor of there.

    4. Not totally sure, but I agree with whomever said it was in the Gastown area, a lot of buildings have a look like that.

    5. Yep, also as mentioned: Scotiabank tower. Probably taken on the roof of the Woodward building since alot of the show's filming has been done there.

    6. This one really bugged me because I was trying so hard to place it during the episode. I really don't know, although the background buildings would appear to be somewhere around the north end of Burrard St.

  6. If you've got Google Earth, here are some placemarks identifying BSG shooting locations, including Baltar's house and the raptor crash site.