Friday, June 17, 2005

Spoilers for ep. 9 of the second season...

Thanks to Sci-fi for the heads up that the Pegasus Galaxy Forums have once again posted spoilers for an upcoming season 2 BSG ep, "The Flight of the Phoenix."

Some good Helo dramatic moments ahead it appears.
Episode 209 - Flight of the Phoenix
Go read the full spoilers!

[Helo-specific spoilers below]


Helo and Starbuck are playing cards, with Kat and Hotdog (who have recently been given their flight wings) also present. Kat is being quite cruel to Helo, repeatedly bringing up the fact that he was in love with a Cylon (when he was back on Caprica with Cylon Boomer). Starbuck is not amused, and when Helo leaves to play hammerball, she makes that fact known...

There is also a scene with Helo visiting Boomer in her cell on the Galactica.


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