Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tahmoh icons

If you're in the market for some Tahmoh icons, then you're in luck, thanks to Amsie (aka shadowserenity):

You can find these and other Tahmoh icons over at Northern Lights.

If you have any Tahmoh icons you'd like to share, you can email me or contact un4scene, who runs Northern Lights.


  1. This can't be said enough, Justine: thank you so much for all your efforts in keeping all of us who are interested in Tahmoh so informed and pampered with information and other fun things, like these icons. Your site is wonderful...and I'd like to remind un4scene, that I was the one to first forward your site to her! LOL


  2. Justine, there are some new hi res promo shots @ Ragnar Anchorage, but none of Helo...:( Just for info...mayo

  3. Umm... yeah, had it not been for for winterspel you would have been safe from me. lol

  4. Have any of you noticed how Tahmoh is about a foot taller than any of the other actors in the series. No wonder they've been keeping Helo on no one else gets a complex...:)

  5. Just FYI:
    Pegasus Galaxy just posted spoilers for Episode 209 - Flight of the Phoenix.

  6. Cool guys. Thanks so much for the props and links and such. Tahmoh does seem esp. tall; I'm betting we never see Helo and Apollo side by side...

    Off to read the spoilers! :)