Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Where in Vancouver... update!

Just identified:

Koerner Library, University of British Columbia
(See more pics here).
Earlier this week, I challenged you to identify Vancouver sites which appeared on Galactica... who knew there were so many with a Vancouver connection? I offer other reader's identifications and some of their commentary below.

I'd also like to say Vancouver is a far larger city than I realized. That is all.

Thanks to everyone that's responded so far!

Simon Fraser University (SFU)
"also used in the BSG Pilot mini."

Ah ha! I knew it was institutional... (Photo found here.)
Scotiabank building
"Given that I can't see mountains in the background, they either edited them out or they're taking it from the north side."

Wow, that's some serious distortion. To see the original photo and some facts about the building, check out this site.
It's a start, but we could know more...

"Anywhere downtown, really. Maybe even in Yaletown, or that nice kinda rich beach side of downtown near English Bay. Near Silvia's."
"This is looking up from either Hastings or Pender ... there's an elevated highway of sorts."


  1. Want to see some TP impromptu video and pictures?
    vrrrm's latest article is pretty funny and relaxed:

  2. The last picture looks like the Walter C. Koerner Library at UBC. and