Wednesday, July 13, 2005

New Article and Photos from "Scattered" (ep. 201) has posted another high-res photo of Helo from "Scattered."

See the rest of the "Scattered" promo pics.

Julia Houston has also written an accompanying article, "Battlestar Galactica Launches Season Two with "Scattered"":

Battlestar Galactica left us with a big ole cliffhanger last season, but instead of resolving the conflicts, or even giving us a way out, the Season Two premiere, “Scattered,” just adds more cliffs....

Airing this Friday at 10 PM ET on the SCI FI Channel, Battlestar Galactica is not just “smart” TV, it’s a hell of a ride.
Read the rest of the article.

Finally, clearly Julia Houston is a huge Helo fan as both the pics she chooses to illustrate her article are of Helo... I'm just saying.

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