Thursday, July 14, 2005

How to make a "Cylon shooter"

Thanks to, you too can make a "Cylon shooter," a drink invented by Grace Park that made its debut on the recent Sci-Fi Inside Special.

The ingredients include:

“A little bit of Lichee — something exotic”
• Coconut Creme
• Lichee Juice
• Grenadine
• Vodka
• Tabasco Sauce
• Cherries
Here are the directions:
  1. Blend the lichee fruit, coconut creme, and lichee juice into a nice creamy consistency.
  2. Pour the mixture into the bottom half of a shot glass.
  3. Next, add enough vokda to fill the shotglass to 3/4’s of its height. (More is okay, but don’t forget you’ll need some room at the top for the next step.)
  4. Add a dollop of tabasco sauce “for that kick”.
  5. Pour grenadine into the center of the drink, allowing it to bubble up from the bottom. (This step gives the drink its signature “Cylon red” look.)
  6. Place a cherry on top.
  7. Drink to the Cylons… umm… Colonials!

To view the clip (and several screencaps), check out this page at Northern Lights, a Tahmoh Penikett media archive.

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