Monday, July 18, 2005

So many new Tahmoh photos... so little time

It seems lots of lucky Galactica fans made it to Comic-Con 2005 in San Diego. All I can say is I'm jealous. It looks like it was a really fun event.

themonkeycabal has written up a long report on the BSG panel, for those interested. Here's the bit on Tahmoh:

Tahmoh, who'd been very, very quiet during the rest of the panel, had his turn next. I think he was enjoying just watching the panel, honestly. Asshat asked him about Helo and about Helo's being in love with a Cylon situation.

Tahmoh said that, obviously, Helo's a very generous sort of person. He gave up his seat to Baltar in the mini-series, after all. And, yes, he's also in love with a Cylon, so part of it for him is trying to understand how to empathize with that. "The woman I'm in love with is a Cylon. Can you imagine?"
Here's a nice photo taken by Jul (thevaliumsofalj) and posted by themonkeycabal. (And another from Galactica Station).

See the rest of Jul's Comic-Con photos and themonkeycabal's hilarious captions!

Galactica Station has also posted a ton of Comic Con photos, including lots of Tahmoh (too many to post here). Here are some of my favorites:

Grace and Tahmoh watch in horror? hide?

Check out the rest of the Galactica Station Comic Con Gallery!

Thanks to Jul and Galactica Station for the photos!

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