Tuesday, July 19, 2005

TVGuide raves about BSG Premiere

The folks over at the "Watercooler" were, not surprisingly, impressed with "Scattered." Here's what they had to say:

Battlestar Galactica — MP
Man, how jazzed are we to have Season 2 going, Galactica fans? (OK, so maybe it's just me, then — but I'm in ultrageek mode, so sue me.) It's going strong right off the bat, as we knew it would since we saw Adama shot at the end of last season. Of course the writers immediately up the stakes by having the Galactica jump away, leaving the entire fleet — and the doctor who can save Adama — behind. Oops.

But I'm already confused. How is it possible for Baltar to conceive a child with Number Six if she exists only in his own head? I mean, there's the reality of self-love, but I'm talking simple biology here. And I don't feel so bad since he's a genius and he doesn't get it, either. And what's with Tigh's wife? Aside from the drinking and slutting about, I mean. Trying to get him to make a power grab while his boss lies bleeding? Cylon, or aspiring Lady Macbeth? You make the call.

Meanwhile, planetside, I'm thinking the odds for the wounded guy on the stretcher aren't good considering I don't recall Chief or anyone else ever saying his name, which makes him the redshirt. Elsewhere, Starbuck screams about how stupid men are when Helo tells her Cylon Boomer's pregnant with his child... just before Cylon Boomer makes off with Starbuck's ride. D'oh. I think both genders are getting bopped with the dumb-dumb stick here.

But back to Chief, where it appears there's another redshirt, the poor shot-up bastard who Chief keeps insisting is going to be all right. "It's not that bad," he says. I hate to be Nelly Negative here, but yeah, it is (and sure enough, he dies as I'm typing that). Nice "s--t, I'm still in Saigon" moment during Tigh's flashback, too. But I do want to call an excessive-cliffhanger-use foul here. We waited how long for this season to start, and now they're hitting us with another unresolved crisis? Aaah, who am I kidding? Hurt me more.

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  1. Anybody check out the voting for your weekend favorite at the bottom of that TV Guide url? "Queer as Folk" currently leads with 49%.