Saturday, August 06, 2005

"Resistance" Reactions

Loved the ep. Lots more Helo.

New poll posted at right. What was you favorite Helo scene?

Lots of pretty caps are up at Northern Lights.

Just a couple thoughts/questions, as I'm really late in adding this:

Loved all the Helo/Starbuck moments. Especially his "you drive through a lot of bad neighborhoods?" line about keeping guns in the car, which, if you think about it, IS kind of odd.

The Sci-fi summary mentions one of the pyramid players being named Sue-Shaun? Did we meet her?

What the hell did Ron Moore mean by his Dualla/Lee comment in the podcast?


  1. Just FYI:
    Inside TV, , has a daily male section where you can submit your favorite hot celeb and people can vote on how "hot" they are. Jamie Bamber is currently featured.

  2. I adore the sister/brother thing they've got going between Helo and Starbuck.

    When Helo was calling their names out, they did not focus on anyone as he called Sue-Shaun. So as of yet, I've no clue which one it was but she obviously was part of that group.

    And Dualla may have realized it would be one of her last chances to eye up Lee so she took it. :)