Friday, August 05, 2005

"Resistance" Tonight on Sci-fi @ 10/9c

Another new episode of Galactica airs tonight and I can promise it will include some Helo. I offer the *cropped* spoiler pic below as proof:

After Col. Tigh imposes martial law, Lee conspires to free President Roslin and organize a democratic resistance.
Watch the preview for "Resistance" here.

UPDATE: Ron Moore's podcast is available here.

Tonight's ep made TVGuide's Hotlist. Here's what they had to say (spoilery):
Last week, Tigh told the comatose Adama, "I really fracked things up for you, Bill." Now after an admission like that, you'd think Tigh would try to set things right. Instead, the XO fracks things up even more by authorizing a bloody crackdown on dissenters aboard a civilian ship, giving Apollo the chaos he needs to spring Roslin from the brig. Well done, Saul. Back on Caprica, Starbuck and Helo are adopted by mountain people who survived the initial Cylon assault. — G.J. Donnelly

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