Friday, September 09, 2005

New video interview with Tahmoh

Now Playing Magazine interviewed the BSG cast about the mid-season cliffhanger episode 210, "Pegasus." They spoke with Katee Sackhoff, Grace Park, James Callis and Tahmoh Penikett in a video interview now online.

Clearly, as it's about episode 210, Spoilers Abound. These caps should be harmless though...

Two short articles by Scott Collura, both entitled "Galactica Cast Talks “Pegasus" accompany the video. You can read them here and here.

Download the video here. (Right click, save.)

From the cast's outfits, it seems the video was shot before or during the Sci-Fi Channel Comic-Con 2005 reception. See some other pics of the event here and here.

Now Playing also had an earlier interview with Ron Moore that's worth a read:

"Moore Hints at Galactica Season Three"

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  1. I enjoyed that vid when I watched it earlier. Thanks for the prettily purple screenshots. :)