Thursday, September 08, 2005 updates Helo's character profile

They're still using about my least favorite pic of Helo as his image, but they did update his character profile. To wit:

Lt. Karl C. Agathon (Helo)

"Sharon Valerii's former ECO. Gave up his seat on the Raptor so Dr. Baltar could be evacuated to the Galactica. Left to fend for himself on Cylon-occupied Caprica, he took up with another Cylon avatar of Sharon, with whom he has fallen in love and sired a child that is now growing inside of her."
"with whom he sired a child that is now growing inside of her"? Heh. Isn't "that is now growing inside of her" rather a given? And gotta love the expression "sired a child". Thanks for the laughs, Scifi.

I could have sworn Helo used to be a Lieutenant JG... anyone else remember this?

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