Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Galactica One goodies

Some truly fantastic candids of Tahmoh are now up over at Conventional Loser. Thanks to Abby for sharing!

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beccaelizabeth has written up a great Galactica One con report that features alot of details I haven't heard elsewhere:

The suit with the shrapnel hole in it - when Helo got a chance to get a new suit Tahmoh kind of missed the ripped old one. He'd been wearing it a long time by then.

Most of his parts in season 1 were filmed in one day per ep. They'd go out and run around in the woods and film, all in one day. With hot/cold/wet conditions....

There was mockery of Helo's 'hero' face from the mini - Sam and Aaron stood there blowing being wind and Tahmoh did that heroic yet blinded by wind squinting face. Apparently the mockery about that is endless.
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Still more Galactica One piccies have been posted to a German site, Pixum.

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