Thursday, October 20, 2005

New poll posted & some earlier results

Check out the new poll! Since almost no one thinks Helo's going to die and most think he'll get back to the Galactica, I thought I should ask how everyone thinks his return will happen. How will Helo and Tyrol escape?

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Most people think that Helo will walk around in a towel in Season 2. It may not be wishful thinking, as Ron Moore admitted recently to writing a towel scene for a character other than Lee. Many see a love triangle on the horizon with Boomer and Tyrol, though I guess it's already sort of started.

Is it January yet?


  1. But you didn't have the only choice that I could've honestly voted for:

    ___ None of the above. I'm a spoiler ho. Damn glad to meet you.


  2. Sssh. I know.

    In my defense, I devised the poll prior to that spoiler's release.