Thursday, October 20, 2005

More Cold Squad caps!

Thanks to Ide Cyan and the LJ Cold Squad Community I have some more Cold Squad pics to share. I thought these shower pics from the "Teen Angel" ep might also appease those looking to see Helo in a towel in Season 2 (see this poll).

Episode 88: "Teen Angel"

First aired: 9/18/2004

When the death of a promising talent show contestant turns from natural causes to murder the Cold Squad team gets pulled into the competitive world of television talent shows.

Dr. Wilson, the medical examiner, is supervising a group of medical students as they dissect the body of a young woman. Dr. Wilson is shocked to find that she did not die of natural causes.

Cold Squad opens the case and finds that this very talented teenager died on air during the live broadcast of the "Canadian Teen Dream" talent contest a year earlier. Though it looked like heart failure at the time close analysis reveals she may have been poisoned.

See more caps over at Northern Lights!

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