Friday, November 18, 2005

New Eick videoblog and S2 spoilers

A new Billy-centric videoblog entry has been posted up at Very silly on the surface, but very spoilery if you pay attention. It features a cast read through of the script for episode 215, "Sacrifice". Tahmoh didn't seem to be there, but then Mary McDonnell, EJO, and James Callis weren't either.

11: Billy gets no respect
Lots of other spoilers for the second half of the season have also surfaced. I won't spoil here, but if you're so inclined you should check out:
USA Today: A return to battle station (Season finale spoilers)

Now Playing Magazine: Ep. 211, "Resurrection Ship" synopsis

The Secret Cylon: Latest spoilers and spoiler discussion

TWOP: Boomer is a What?!: Battlestar Spoilers

Trek BBS: BSG Spoiler whore's thread

Galactica Actual: BSG *Spoilers* Forum (registration required)
If anyone else has good spoiler sources that are accessible to everyone, please comment!

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